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Wiesner For Head Of Storage Container Alliance

Michael Wiesner is again running to be the head of SCA, or Storage Container Alliance. Michael has twice been the President of the committee and done a fabulous job in the past. He has shown that he has what it takes to grow the organization and to build on its past successes. Wiesner has been involved in the storage container industry for most of his adult life, starting as a sales rep for a local storage container company when he was nineteen years old. Under his leadership for the last four years, he has grown membership by sixteen percent, and has had four of the most memorable conferences to date.

With is belief that we can be the strongest storage container community in the country, Michael would like your support as he would like to again be your president of the Storage Container Alliance. The Storage Container Alliance means more to him than most, as he has been an integral part in its growth since its inception in 1994. If you have any questions about the direction Michael would like to take SCA, feel free to contact him at Again, this is a non paying job that requires a lot of work. Something that Michael understands more than anyone. Vote Michael Wiesner for President of the Storage Container Alliance.

As the current President of the Storage Container Alliance, and the owner of a successful container company, US Container Sales, Michael knows the storage container industry better than anyone else. With your support Michael can lead the Storage Container Alliance for four more successful years. Vote for Michael at the upcoming elections next month!